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Deep Linking to Infoworld

Author:Jim Goodman
Posted:8/11/1999; 11:13:23 PM
Topic:Deep Linking
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i would practice jesuit management at this point woth infoworld. We have been discussing this for days now, and it is pretty simple.

If you don't want people to deep link or are worried about their information being out of date, install a simple script and break the link!

If you are going to be some company like infoworld that is supposed to be on top of all of this new fangled web stuff, and require every tom, dick, and jane to ask permission, either install the above mentioned, or live with it. if they ever get around to enforcing their rules, then they get what they deserve... and i don't want to be on that receiving end!

And by the way, jesuit management is the pratice of doing whatever you want and the attoning for your sins later....


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