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Re: Deadly Tornado Hits Salt Lake

Author:Daniel Bushman
Posted:8/12/1999; 8:55:03 AM
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I am a Frontier user in downtown Salt Lake. My car was parked right in the tornado's path just 10 minutes before it touched down, but I was out on an errand when it hit. I work in the Triad Center, right across the street to the north from the Delta Center, and across the street to the west from the convention tents that were ripped to shreds. We were very close to the action. It came as quite a supprise!

It's still a weird thought. I've seen a lot of damage, but it's like I still don't belive it. A tornado in downtown Salt Lake? Yeah right!

It feels sort of spooky. I'm wondering if people here in Utah whose houses have been destroyed have any kind of insurance against tornados!? It seems like the kind of thing I'd be working out with my insurance agent. He'd say, "and for just a dollar more we can add tornado insurance." I'd say, "yeah right, why would I need that." Then I go and spend that dollar on M&Ms.

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