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Give Peace a Chance

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:8/18/1999; 6:04:14 AM
Topic:Applescript XML-RPC Client
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Coool! This is great. We will then own both Apple and Microsoft.

Here's my plan. When we control the world I will have a meeting with Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.

Here's what I'll say. "Bill, you're a smart guy and you have all that money and power. And Steve, you're very smart too, and you're so creative! Now, thanks to James and David (two other very smart people) your systems work very well together. Let's all get on stage at Seybold and tell everyone how nice it is to work together!"

And when the reporters ask "Who's getting crushed by this?" our answer will be "No one!"

Then we'll sing a rousing chorus of Give Peace a Chance.

PS: Linus will be there too! (And Denise Caruso.)

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