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Not as open as you might think...

Posted:8/18/1999; 3:40:41 PM
Topic:Microsoft Internet Messaging Press Release
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Although this is an interesting and welcomed move by Microsoft, there is one thing that everyone seems to be missing:

The MSN client is hardwired to use hotmail's servers and cannot be configured to use any other server!

So if anyone creates a server using Microsoft's protocol, they also have to develop clients. What it *does* allow is anyone to create a client that can talk to hotmail's servers.


I've been working on a project called Jabber at for over a year now to create an open real-time messaging platform, which is open-source and completly open development. The approach we're using is to allow a Jabber client to talk to a Jabber server, and the Jabber server will translate to any number of flavors of instant messaging, currently including ICQ, AIM, IRC, and soon the MSN protocol and IETF/IMPP protocol. This way the client can talk transparently to all users and need not upgrade when there are changes or new additions to any of the instant messaging networks out there.

Jabber's own protocol is XML based and very easy to use. I read News.Userland.Com regularly, but unfortunately have not had the chance to learn/use Frontier, and was wondering if anyone would be interested in adding Jabber support to Frontier?

The opportunities for an open platform to deliver real-time one-to-one or one-to-many communications is immense, I can only imagine the radical things someone could do with a Jabber client connected to a Frontier server!



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