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Re: Not as open as you might think...

Posted:8/18/1999; 5:11:39 PM
Topic:Microsoft Internet Messaging Press Release
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It's just normal TCP sockets passing XML directly. The TCP connection is maintained throughout the connection from the client to the server.

Because of the special needs of many clients and firewall restrictions, an HTTP module is being developed and will be included with the 0.7 release in a month.

I may have been a bit premature in mentioning Jabber... although we are trying to accelerate development as rapidly as possible(because of the recent events), the system isn't quite ready to "use" yet and the clients are still in alpha testing stages. So, it might be a bit difficult to develop a connection to/from Frontier without something solid to develop and test with.

May I suggest that I contact you again in a few weeks when the 0.7 release starts shaping up and there are a few more clients stable to test with? In the meantime you can read some of the docs (in flux) and watch the news at to get a better handle of what Jabber is and how it works.

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