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Re: GRRRRRRe: downloading drivers (Re: Compaq DOA &c)

Author:Don Arbow
Posted:8/27/1999; 1:22:28 AM
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EMail/web site tech support sucks.

A few weeks ago, I was having a problem with a new internet service provider. They provide basic help docs on their web site. I was trying to get PHP working. I sent them an email explaining that my file 'test.php3' was not being parsed and the server was sending the file as if downloading. I got back a cut-and-paste paragraph right out of their help system stating that to use PHP, your file must have an extension of '.php3'!

After multiple phone calls (on hold, over and over again, "Most answers can be found on our web site...") I was finally able to convince a human that the server was misconfigured.

I have found that I can get past the droids by using lots of technical terms, "Could you check the srm.conf file and see if PHP is enabled?" "Er, just a second, I'll get my supervisor".

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