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Re: Free and legal RLE compresed GIF code?

Author:Don Hopkins
Posted:8/28/1999; 3:52:34 PM
Topic:GIFs get expensive
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I got a really prompt reply Saturday morning from Darcy Brockbank at HASC!


From: Darcy Brockbank <> Sent: Saturday, August 28, 1999 10:09 AM Subject: Re: Free and legal RLE compresed GIF code?

For the reasons the code was removed, you have to consult with Tom Boutell.

As for the legal status of the non-LZW GIF code, patent attorneys are looking at the algorithms and will give us an opinion. There is no guarantee at this point that the non-LZW code will resurface.

The best advice is to start using the PNG code. The more that we switch away from proprietary things like LZW-GIF, the less we let patents control our ability to distribute information.

- darcy

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