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Re: Server Hardware

Author:David Valentine
Posted:8/30/1999; 2:06:40 PM
Topic:Server Hardware
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Registers bangs per buck

Lets see, the summary. PIII's have 512k of cache which runs at 1/2 cpu speed. PIII Xeon's have 512k (or more) of L2 cache which runs at CPU speed. Celeron's have 128k on-chip cache which runs at CPU speed.

The speed difference between the PIII and a PII is the smid instructions. A PII and a Celeron are Equal in BM speed. Real world results vary (Can the needed code be stuffed onto a 2 meg chip cache? then you want a xeon)

A 66mhz vs a 100 mhz bus speed gets you 5%. Celery's can run on a 100mtz bus, vendors just don't want to sell them that way.

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