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Author:Kurt Granroth
Posted:8/30/1999; 3:06:17 PM
Topic:Server Hardware
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I'm not a PC guy, but what I heard is that beside the cache that is bigger on PII/PIII, its difficult to upgrade a Celeron chip when you can do so for a PII/PIII chip

Okay.. two points here:

o The L2 cache is indeed bigger in the PII/PIII than Celeron (128 to 512, I think). When does this actually matter, though? In most comparisons I've seen, the cache has had no effect on the outcome? The fact that the higher-end processors have more seem to indicate that there is some use somewhere. Well.. where?

o Upgrading Celerons to PII/PIII is indeed more difficult as they are Slot 1 and Celerons are (now) Socket370. Will this ever matter, though? First, if Celerons are so much better value, why would you want to upgrade? Secondly, the cost of a motherboard isn't very much compared to the cost of a processor. If I'm going to upgrade to a PIII, an extra $100 for a motherboard isn't going to sway me...

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