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Re: Scripting as Anarchy

Author:Dennis Peterson
Posted:8/31/1999; 8:30:59 AM
Topic:Programming ideas and time to mature
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The way reviewers treat software probably has something to do with it. Usually you get a bullet-list of features. A product with a shorter list, but a scripting language that lets you do all that and more, won't look as good.

But maybe that's what the majority of users want. Maybe most people just want everything handed to them, and don't use all the features they get (even some that would help them), much less learn scripting languages. The minority that really take advantage of scripting makes a much smaller market.

The long-term ideal I think is to get kids messing with Logo and such while they're young. Knowing how to script is probably going to be at least as important for the average person as knowing algebra and trigonometry, and certainly isn't harder.

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