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Re: PowerMac G4 announced

Author:Dave Polaschek
Posted:9/1/1999; 7:22:15 AM
Topic:PowerMac G4 announced
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Just a clarification.

As described in The Register's Apple's Power Mac G4: a tale of two boxes, the machine that's available today is the one that was code-named "Yikes!", which is basically a G3 motherboard with a G4 plunked into it (and a new skin).

"Sawtooth", which is the motherboard with the faster RAM access, faster PCI bus, even more accellerated video (AGP 2x), etc, is the one that's delayed until September/October.

My personal opinion is that "Yikes!" is useful for developers who want a real G4 to play with and develop on, but most people will be better served by waiting for "Sawtooth".


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