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What writing electronically should/could be like

Author:Jacob Levy
Posted:9/4/1999; 10:25:08 PM
Topic:Microsoft, Intel losing ground?
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I'll tell you this much, I personally want it to be a lot simpler and faster to write electronically. All the software I use now sucks in one way or another. I think it can be much better.

For starters remove the notion of files, disks, printing and viewing. Just write it and its there. No more "Save", "Save as", "print", "publish", "typeset" etc etc buttons.

Next remove the notion of local versus remote. I'm just writing and the text appears on a web page, no matter where it is served from. Who cares where its served from? The viewer doesn't so why should the person publishing the text?

Finally, remove the notion of pages. Everything is linked and can be independently referred to. Text just flows from one paragraph and idea to the next, according to how the viewer wants to traverse this collection.

Now, does such software exist? Will it ever? Will such software be easier to use than the current WP abominations? I hope the answer is yes to the last question :)


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