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Re: Bogus

Author:Dori Smith
Posted:9/5/1999; 10:38:31 PM
Topic:Bogus "Millennium" Stories
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The role of a responsible news organization is to report the facts, not what's popular. Sure, I'll party when the clock turns to 2000, but not because it's the dawn of a new millennium, or a new century.

From the journalist perspective, some of the misuse of the terms might just be because there is no other one-word description for the change.

So here's a Discuss.UserLand.Com challenge (if I may, Dave): Come up with a new term, and let's see if we can get it in use!

It needs to be something that clearly conveys that we're leaving the 1900's behind, but without the baggage that "century" and "millennium" have. Suggestions, anyone?

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