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Re: 9 AM and all's well on 9-9-99

Author:Donald W. Larson
Posted:9/8/1999; 4:07:57 PM
Topic:9 AM and all's well on 9-9-99
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Computer science is roughly 50 years old, and software engineers must deal with 50 year old legacy systems. In 100 years, software engineers will have to deal with 150 year old legacy systems.

Funny, a relative informed me last night that her company's recruitment database is running on DOS! She then went on to tell me that there are 10 consultants who have been working for 2 years to change over the DOS database to Windows.

It seems to me that there is more wrong with certain companies than Y2K and 9/9/99 issues. Basic intelligent system analysis/management seems to be lacking for one thing.

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