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Re: The Evangelist is In

Author:John W. Williams II
Posted:9/8/1999; 5:18:46 PM
Topic:The Evangelist is In
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The idea that's lurking around: let's move the heavy machinery, the stuff that's hard to set up and maintain, off the user's desktops and put it on the servers.

I always get agitated when I hear talk like that. It sounds great for those folks running their own servers, and who are tied in to reliable high speed connectivity.

We're back to the network computer conundrum. Why should I give up control of something as fundamental as my word processor to a server which is outside of my control?

In fact, now that I'm running my own web and email server at home (thanks to ) I'm happy I don't have to give up control of my email service to anyone else.

I think there is potential in the ideas behind thin clients and server based services, but I hope we don't lose the original idea of personal empowerment that the PC has created. Let's find ways to put these server based services in the hands of the masses, or at least the duly appointed techies of the masses.

I don't want to live in a world where all the tools and services I need are on a fee based, pay as you go, you-must-conform-or-we-won't-let-you-connect type systems.

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