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Re: The Evangelist is In
Posted:9/8/1999; 7:39:00 PM
Topic:The Evangelist is In
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The idea that's lurking around: let's move the heavy machinery, the stuff that's hard to set up and maintain, off the user's desktops and put it on the servers. But we've put too much into the web browser. This was fine, because we had to learn how HTTP works, and web browsers are excellent teachers of HTTP. But now that we know, it's time to bring HTTP into the desktop apps.

I'm with John Williams on this -- it's basically just rolling back the clock to the Seventies.

The simple scenario: Right now, when (not if) the network goes out, all one loses are access to shared data files, e-mail, and prolly printing. One may still potter about locally, though, and save locally.

Put all the apps on the server, and when the network goes out the whole enterprise stops dead. Every workstation becomes a paperweight.

I much prefer the massively redundant world of PCs, thankyouverymuch. Individual reboots, configuration issues, warts, and all.

-- Hal

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