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Re: An RSS categorization proposal

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:9/9/1999; 5:14:48 PM
Topic:rss channels via email
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1. I know that every solution has tradeoffs when compared against the others. You've done an excellent job of saying what the pros of the DDS are, what are the cons?

2. I can see one tradeoff in the XMLTREE approach, it depends heavily on James to make it work. What happens when someone doesn't like the way he has classified a channel? What does he do if two people feel the channel should be classified in different places? What does he do when people attack him personally because they don't like the choices he made?

3. Even if we were to *try* an ad hoc classification system as an experiment that wouldn't stop XMLTREE or anyone else from doing another classification. We're reasonable people I hope, and if one approach proved demonstrably superior we'd have one superior system. If they both had advantages we'd have a choice. If they both failed, at least we would have gotten the result in twice the time. What's the harm in trying something new?

4. Pardon me for using your posting as an example, but I will anyway. ;-> In these kinds of discussions there's always someone who uses moral arguments to say something shouldn't be done. It's quite rare that someone will use those same kinds of arguments to say why something *should* be done. One of the nice things about the ad hoc community that's grown up around RSS is the "I'm not waiting" attitude. No matter how we move someone is going to feel that it's morally wrong to move that way. That's just an unfortunate side-effect of working in public on the net. Someone is going to set themselves up to be wronged no matter what.

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