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simple, effective ways to categorize

Author:Jon Udell
Posted:9/9/1999; 6:24:18 PM
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> His headlines start out with "Talk | ..." or "Review | ...".

Yes, I guess I do that kind of thing automatically in many contexts. For the same reason that I automatically rewrite reply titles, so you get to read "simple, effective ways to categorize" when scanning the headlines at, instead of "re: Categories + type of content."

These are just little habits, but they add up to a big effect in layered information systems. In traditional writing and journalism fields, the power of the headline is well-understood. It is less well-understood in cyberspace.

Here's another example: HTML doctitles -- that is, the stuff between and in web pages. These things are an incredible resource, both user-visible and -- crucially -- returned by all search engines. A little attention to fielding and categorization with doctitles pays off *huge* dividends in a number of different ways. For example, a controlled doctitle namespace lets you do a wonderful job of categorizing search results coming out of *any* search engine. This is something almost nobody pays attention to, though.

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