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Netscape Product Value {Re: Collabra, RSS}

Author:Dave Aiello
Posted:9/11/1999; 10:21:37 AM
Topic:Marc Andreesen
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The stuff that Netscape developed that is really lucrative, from a commercial standpoint, is the Xpert series of servers. These are things like CommerceXpert and PublishingXpert, which Netscape developed in conjunction with General Electric's EDI division.

This stuff is Web-oriented work flow, and it's worth big bucks per installation. This may not be sexy stuff to most of us, but Netscape has a bunch of people out selling this and services like Custom Netcenter to Fortune 500 companies. From what I've seen, I'm convinced that some companies will buy these big $ products, and they will be profitable for the joint venture.

Here's a question about Marc's experience for Dave Winer. Do you think that Marc's exit at this stage was part of AOL's plan? Couldn't it have been part of a strategy to retain critical elements of the Netscape staff through the transition?

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