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The Win32 of the Web

Author:Steve Ivy
Posted:9/14/1999; 1:08:25 PM
Topic:Looks like soap will be getting used sooner than we thought:
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Software programmers, who typically spend vast amounts of time developing unique pieces of code for individual Web sites, will be able to grab the already-created components to plug into Web sites as they are being built.

But we've seen what happens when developers depend on Microsoft for the API's, or services, or whatever. And are you going to be able to download this code and build it in, or are we supposed to trust that the RPC/SOAP server is available? In order for these services to take hold in a meaningful way, developers will have to know that the service will be available 24/7. I don't know if NT (Which I'm assuming MS would deploy on) has that kind of guaranteed uptime.

IMO MS is trying to make Biztalk and SOAP the Win32 of the Web. Is it going to happen? I hope not.


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