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Re: How to populate a DB from a RSS channel in Cold Fusion

Author:James Carlyle
Posted:9/15/1999; 5:56:53 AM
Topic:How to populate a DB from a RSS channel in Cold Fusion
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Fabrice and Zac

I've just thought of a possible way of doing this. Use XSL to transform the RSS to WDDX, and then go from WDDX to the database inside Cold Fusion by deserialising the WDDX to a CF query object.


insert into NEWS(title,link,summary)
values ('#title#','#link#','#summary#')

Let me know if you work on this stylesheet. I'd like to persuade Allaire to offer more out-of-the-box support for popular formats like RSS and ScriptingNews. BTW, ColdFusion cannot be used as a XML-RPC server at the moment, since it cannot access the POST payload except by name/value pairs. Otherwise I would have added a XML-RPC interface for xmlTree. Sim Simeonov tells me that this should be addressed in the next version.

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