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Re: Allaire and UserLand need PowerScripters™

Author:Mesplé Fabrice
Posted:9/15/1999; 9:13:51 AM
Topic:How to populate a DB from a RSS channel in Cold Fusion
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James Carlyle wrote:

But ironic that we should be discussing RSS and Cold Fusion here, isn't it? Kudos to Dave and the Userland community etc.

Dave Winer answered:

You can totally use our DG for Cold Fusion stuff, esp as it relates to RSS and XML-RPC/SOAP. I'm finding these messages very educational, I'm sure others are too. We love to learn, esp about other environments. It would be even better if you could provide links to docs on the Allaire site.[...]

That's what I thought: on, we can speak of Cold Fusion scripting (even if, I have to admit that I was not sure Dave will share this opinion).

Seems to me, that it should not be that complicated to read a RSS format and to populate a DB with it, and this kind of information should be in the documentation; anyway, the code behind the URL Zac gave in a precedent message seems to fit my needs.



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