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Re: New Third Voice version out

Author:Larry Rosenstein
Posted:9/15/1999; 3:54:05 PM
Topic:New Third Voice version out
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>>they have the user download a proxy server, much like Junkbusters.

This is a good technical move for them. As a plugin, it seemed too dependent on the exact implementation of the browser.

>>It now appears that anybody who wants to (as Third Voice has no particular status) can present a proxy server for download, intercept any of your pages they choose, and make arbitrary modifications along

This kind of "transcoding" can be useful to (say) automatically format a web page for display on a Palm Pilot or cell phone.

>>To head off the only objection I can think of, "What of Junkbusters? Why is it OK and not Third Voice?", my answer is that I have never considered "removal" to be as bad as modification.

This seems like a weak rationalization. Stripping off banner ads would seem to be a significant modification to a site.

>>as saying that the blockers aren't big enough to worry about yet, and the people blocking aren't likely customers

That's because JunkBusters isn't as easy to install or as well-known. But I seem to remember that several months ago some developer dropped plans to release a similar product after complaints.

>>(If you don't find this disturbing at all, could you please tell me why not? This is honest... I don't understand. Am I being too

Certainly, it's disturbing from the point of view of being another piece of software that might have unknown side effects. But so is Java/JavaScript/ActiveX/... that's built into the popular browsers.

I don't find it any more disturbing than these things, however. But then I don't find Third Voice disturbing in general. (I don't view it as a copyright violation; I think it's "fair use" to take content off a public web site and reformat it for personal use.)

It will become a technical problem if more companies do something like this. (Imaging if each web page has to pass through 5+ proxys on the way to the screen?)

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