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Re: Intrusive vs. non-intrusive annotation

Author:Jeremy Bowers
Posted:9/16/1999; 7:44:47 AM
Topic:Intrusive vs. non-intrusive annotation
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Personally, I think that anything that shows in direct connection (definition: When my URL is typed into the browser (or equivilent) Address: box, if something appears, it is connected to that URL.) with my page should be considered to be on my page.

In other words, it is my personal opinion that these are still interfering with the original web page. There's no practical difference between that system and Third Voice anyhow (the "connection" to a specific phrase in Third Voice not working all that well anyhow), so why should different standards be applied? (Obviously, that question has answers :-) )

You can create a fairly continuous spread from cracking into the server and changing things, to never looking at a page, and this is between Third Voice itself, and the hypothetical web site that allows you to type in a URL and view the comments about that target site. Where's the line? Beats me, but it's got to be around here somewhere...

(yoohoo! line! here boy! come here! good little line!)

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