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Re: Communities for tech women

Author:Donald W. Larson
Posted:9/16/1999; 4:04:10 PM
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My theory is that women don't really want to hear the male point of view.

Recently I attended a course on a programming language where the class was about 3/4 men and 1/4 women. The vast majority of the dialog concerning class topics were exchanged between the instructor and a man. Only one woman over the entire two month course asked questions during class. For that reason, we all heard only the male view except when she asked questions on the last day!

I find it disappointing that women seem to be reluctant to express themselves when the male ratio is so high. Are they afraid to let down their guard? Do they think every man is out to get them? Will decades need to pass before women participate more openly in such an environment?

Maybe those other women in that class had great insights and were only sharing them amongst themselves on the some women's list somewhere? That would be pretty selfish and sexist, wouldn't it?

Horny Net Geeks in context, almosts reminds me of the "White Male" subject discussed here a month or so back. I hope to live long enough to a time in America where women and men can participate without unfounded assumptions and slang terms getting in the way.

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