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Re: Communities for tech women

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:9/16/1999; 5:46:29 PM
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Right on Lynne. I think I learned more about you in that one story than in all the postings over the last few years. The equivalence of Horney Net Geek with "male" was in my head, it wasn't in what you wrote. I read everything you said, and I have to go out for dinner, so I'm in a rush, but I wanted to respond to this statement:

And are women less honest about sex? Yeah, I'd say *in general* that's how we were raised.

I was raised by the same people. So I was taught to be dishonest too. Exactly what I'm dishonest about, I'm not sure, because it's part of the soup I live in. Ask a fish to describe water. Something is going to be missing.

The women I know who have exclusive women-in-tech groups say they do it because in business, men are such pigs. It pisses me off, not that they lump me in with pigs (they're careful to point out that they don't think that I'm a pig, which I find patronizing and emasculating, but that's me). The same men they complain about are pigs to men too! Hello. I want the common denominator to be whether or not you're capable of working with other people. It's giving in to the fear of a few people (women who fear men) and as usual with fear, it's a lose-lose.

I would not belong to a group that labeled itself as a women's group. If I went to such a meeting the first thing I'd do is ask them to change their charter to include me. If they wouldn't I wouldn't come back. Think I'm making a mistake?

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