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Re: Communities for tech women

Posted:9/16/1999; 8:21:50 PM
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I'll tell you this much, if someone addressed me the way you address her, I would be angry Jacob.

Not that I can comment about his original post but I wonder ho far off he is from your own comments Dave?

Excellent. Finally a women's group that Gets It. They didn't change their policy, unlike LinuxChix, they still exclude men from their groups. Too bad!

You say you want to know but your posts of the main page state quite categoricaaly that you don't think that the idea has any merit and that you aren't open to discussion on this topic.

I think it is rather typical of most men in the tech industry who seem to think that they are somehow more enlightened than others and therefore don't have to pay attention to women's issues or comments. "That was all in the past, before I was born" or "I don't do anything like that"

Then why do we almost constatly hear the same complaints from women when they enter into contexts that used to be primarily male? Why do women in science say that same thing s women in the tech industry who say the same thing as women in uper management?

Perhaps instead of getting into these knee-jerk defensive postures we might want to stop and actually listen to what women are saying? If you don't like the idea of women's only maling lists and women's only tech formums then perhaps the best approach might be to work towards creating an enviroment where women's opinions aren't trivialised (like tohe poster asking for *evidnce* to back up Dori's comments) and women aren't treated like newbies by default

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