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Re: What's the deal with Third Voice?

Author:Paul Snively
Posted:9/27/1999; 8:59:47 PM
Topic:Windows apps on Linux: the real reason
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Dave Winer wrote:

On my website, as in my home, I am not an equal with every jerk who wants to complain about his or her miserable life.

I then replied:

I certainly think this is fair. The problem is what happens once your content leaves your server.

Dave then wrote:

Let's not repeat the old arguments. I added something new. Respond to it, or not. But let's not loop around. Thanks for listening.

Well, two things: first, I'm not sure I understand--seriously--what aspect of what I quoted before was new. You've always had a good point about your content on your server. The issue has always been what happens between server and browser. I've written quite a lot about SSL/TLS on the wire and digital certificate authentication--which, so far, no one has responded to.

I'll be happy to reiterate the TLS/digital certificate ideas, but I think I've found a better one: see <> and follow the link to the "Beach Sex" demo. It's a great exposition of the ideas behind capability-based security and, importantly from an application point of view, Electronic Rights Transfer.

My final point--and after this I promise I will shut up on the subject--is that instead of complaining about people taking advantage of the lack of security between server and browser, let's implement solutions to the problem. I have every reason to believe that implementing capability-based security and Electronic Rights Transfer in Frontier would be trivial.

Thanks for the space, Paul

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