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Re: You've never owned the look and feel ...

Author:Carlos Tirado
Posted:9/29/1999; 8:14:26 AM
Topic:Windows apps on Linux: the real reason
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Browser preferences are there for a reason. By over-riding these user-specified settings, you are breaking a crucial rule of usability.

Well CSS and HTML options are also there for a reason, to give the designer some level of control. If you are particular enough, and savvy enough, you can override these with your browser preferences. Still, the designer needs to be able to present a vision of his work that more clearly communicates his/her ideas, and only he/she can decide how to do this.

I like having options, and I use them. But if I don't have them, and/or I don't like what is being presente to me, I simply go away.

Welcome to CamBurger! Here's your sandwich, it includes your beef patty, tomato, onion and lettuce (ie. a default or predefined, designer-controlled configuration). Click here for the Hi-Cholesterol version with cheese and xtra mayo! or click here for the Gross-me-out version with loads of mustard and catsup. Click here to go All-The-Way. Sorry sir, we don't have any Canadian bacon. No, no hot peppers either. No, no, I said NO! Listen, we give you "options" here, not "control", Ok?

Are you a normal user? - 99 out of 100 will take the default burger and be very happy with it, Demanding? - We'll make an effort to please you, please visit my.CamBurger, our gourmet burger place where you can personalize your meal. or just Anal? - You're in the wrong place. Get all the ingredients in our grocery store (CamBurger XML) down the street and prepare your sandwich yourself.

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