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Re: TV; New Media New Rules

Author:Erik Neu
Posted:9/30/1999; 9:14:39 AM
Topic:Windows apps on Linux: the real reason
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We could go on and on and on about TV. Matt's and Jock's anaologies both have merit. Unfortunately, sometimes there really is something new under the sun, and the old rules just don't apply. That's what we have here, IMHO. Jock's analogy is imperfect because the graffiti on your glasses gets "reflected" onto other people's glasses. OTOH, those people have chosen to wear glasses susceptible to other people's "reflections".

As an aside, an aspect of the Internet to which I do think old rules DO work, but currently do not apply legally, is domain-naming. Bob Metcalfe made the excellent suggestion in his InfoWorld column that we should get rid of .COM, and use dot-country (e.g., .us for USA), with the country in question's trade-mark laws applying.

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