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Re: What's the deal with Third Voice?

Author:Sidney Markowitz
Posted:9/30/1999; 1:57:50 PM
Topic:Windows apps on Linux: the real reason
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You think it's a lens. Others, including myself, think it's graffiti

No, I don't think that summarizes it. The other piece of the debate is over the possibility that, for example, Microsoft will include something like Third Voice in Internet Explorer and make it as difficult to remove or turn off as Netscape did with AOL Instant Messenger.

If all the web newbies are stuck with TV turned on in their browser, then it is graffiti. If you are certain that will never happen, it is a lens.

Personally, TV looks to me like the worst of spam email and usenet combined. What do you think people would do if you could turn off spam simply by not downloading and installing some otherwise useless software? That's why I think that TV is destined to fade into obscurity unless it gets a radical redesign. Even web newbies might spread the word around how to uninstall the 'spam viewer' from their browser if it was included by default.

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