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Promoting XML-RPC

Author:Paul Snively
Posted:10/3/1999; 1:57:54 PM
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Dave Winer wrote:

Step one is to deploy XML-RPC everywhere possible. Step two is to deploy SOAP.

As another example of planting seeds, I came across a very compelling set of technologies at <> and had occassion to e-mail the developer about the possibility of an external app communicating with his Cistern server via RMI. His reply expressed his intention to support RMI but also his frustration with it, so I pointed him to XML-RPC because it seemed like a good fit to his technology, he's already got the security aspects covered, and it would immediately open his server up to a variety of client platforms.

So far no reply, but this was just a couple of days ago.

Regardless, I was happy to be able to point him to a readily-available, easy-to-deploy alternative to RMI for his needs, and I need to thank Dave and the rest of the XML-RPC community for being able to do that.

Paul Snively

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