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Author:Ken Kennedy
Posted:10/8/1999; 9:06:19 AM
Topic:Today's scriptingNews Outline
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Well, like most everything else, some days I really like Scripting News, some days it annoys me, and some days I never get a chance to check it out. (OK, that really very seldom happens...*grin*...but my boss probably likes to see me write that!). Anyway, I wasn't so sure about the past couple of days, I've been wondering...but then, a GREAT quote in your message to the XML-DEV list, Dave!

"Moral of the story --> let's build more apps, fewer specs."

AbSOlutely. Not that I've been great at it lately...but hey...*grin*. I just took myself off of an OSS projects dev-list because of INCESSANT, CONSTANT mucking about with design specs. Not even really bickering, not too much flaming or anything; but nothing to work with! No code! No app! Write it, if it doesn't work, change it. But get SOMETHING...

Sorry to rant a bit; you just struck a chord, Dave. Hope you're having a good day...

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