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Re: Macromedia's Project Whirlwind - info:

Author:John Belew
Posted:10/8/1999; 3:58:04 PM
Topic:Macromedia's Project Whirlwind - info:
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MacroMedia has become quite BroadVision friendly recently. Based on what I'm seeing from their rencet press releases, I'm just worried that we might end up with a WhirlWind product that, works better with, or at worst, works only with BroadVision.

I've worked on one BroadVision project, and based on my experiences, I hope that that will be my last. All the hoops one has to jump through, promised functionality that ends up being too complicated to develope. The project only launched because of Frontier. But, enough BroadVision bashing.

I've got high hopes for what MacroMedia could potentially produce. Let's just hope that the outcome is application server agnostic.

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