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Author:Josh Cohen
Posted:10/8/1999; 6:02:40 PM
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I don't think that XML-RPC should view webdav as competition. Its really all perspective. IMHO, Some people prefer to view everything as objects which have methods, and others view everything as data.

DAV makes data the first class citizen and provides a structured way to manipulate that, using HTTP as its "RPC" layer, much the same way that ADO makes you look at everything as a rowset.. DAV makes access to data interoperable. While it cant always communicate the semantics, it does uniformly represent everything in a consistent model.

XML-RPC makes the object a first class citizen, but doesnt specify the structured data access that DAV does. One could easily implement DAV(like) methods in XML-RPC.

We can argue about how many layers is good or bad, but it seems to me that XML-RPC and WEBDAV can live together happily.

From my perspective, I would use DAV to manipulate data ojects themselves, and use XML-RPC to invoke a method on that same resource.

Just my 0.02

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