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Author:Luke Tymowski
Posted:10/9/1999; 2:10:38 AM
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Poking around their website, it looks like you submit it to a working group, they look at it, and if they like it, they start discussing it, and eventually, hopefully, it bubbles up the chain to the point where it gets voted on.

There is a transport group, consisting of two people. Perhaps you can e-mail one of them and ask how they would prefer it be presented?

Or you can e-mail Tim for advice. Though after reading his book one would rather have one's nails ripped out than try working with the IETF. :)

Also, after reading his book, it would seem that making the publishing of web pages easier is something v important to him. Perhaps he would be willing to offer advice and help in how best to work with the IETF?

Wouldn't hurt. (I realise that making it easier to publish by wiring up an editor to a server is just one of the potential uses of XML-RPC.)

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