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Real-Time Variation More Innocuous

Author:Erik Neu
Posted:10/14/1999; 5:42:24 AM
Topic:Windows apps on Linux: the real reason
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I stumbled across this product called "Instant Rendezvous" ( Here is a capsule review:

>>Instant Rendezvous (IR) lets folks browsing the same Website chat with each other. Its colorful interface lets you link to the Multimate Website for a list of hot Internet spots where you'll find other IR users as well as the well-written HTML help document. Click to send a friend info about IR. Click to get user info about people on the site with you. Click to open a chat window to ask a question, exchange opinions, or comment on any subject. If you like the instant messaging idea, here's a small, easy-to-use program that suffers only from limited distribution at this point. When more people start using IR, the value will increase. Reviewed on Aug 09 1999.>>

Sounds sort of like a real-time Third Voice. I haven't used it (to be honest, between working, having 3 young children, trying to learn Java, and trying to have a life, I don't have time for chat or games). It does strike me as more innocuous. I can actually see that I might have some uses for it. Maybe.

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