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Re: Microsoft Will Transform into Services Firm

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:10/14/1999; 6:19:29 AM
Topic:Microsoft Will Transform into Services Firm
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Maybe, they're learning from Userland.

The other way around. ";->"

When I got a demo of Windows 98 from Yusuf Mehdi, a few months before it shipped, I saw that they had a command at the top of the Start menu that said "Update Windows".

When I saw this, that they were trusting the Internet to update a user's operating system, given the relative lack of sophistication of Windows users when compared to Frontier users, I knew that it was time for UserLand to do the same.

The result is the ever-popular Update command. So in this case, it was Microsoft's leadership, willingness to go first and innovate, that gave us the courage to do it ourselves.

People assume Microsoft takes good ideas, but sometimes they do the opposite.

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