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Re: Jeff Bezos' Patent

Author:Andrew Babiec
Posted:10/22/1999; 9:16:40 AM
Topic:Jeff Bezos' Patent
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And in later news....

10/22/99 08:00:00 EST DETROIT, MICH: Ford Motor Company (F 53 1/2) filed suit early this morning against General Motors Corporation (GM 66 1/8) in US District Court in Detroit, alleging patent infringment. Ford is seeking an immediate and permanent court-ordered halt to a similar feature now being used by GMC. Both companies' features allow a driver to signal a right or left-hand turn, without having to stick an arm out a window.

The suit also seeks an unspecified amount of damages.

"We spent thousands of man-hours in research and development to bring this obvious and intuitive product to our consumers, vastly improving their safety and comfort, and that is exactly what a patent is expected to protect", said Yok Choke Mycompetitor, spokesman for Ford.

"They know where they can stick their turn-signal wand", was GMC's response.

Ford has named thier product "The Turn Signal". GMC calls theirs "The Blinker".

The US Patent Office granted Ford patent number 101 on The Turn Signal on September 28th 1999, culminating a 65 year effort by Ford.

Ford's suit against GMC comes at a time when many companies are trying to sue for missed opportunities many years previous.

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