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Re: Patents on Semen Collecting Bags for Boars.

Author:William Crim
Posted:10/25/1999; 6:16:42 PM
Topic:Jeff Bezos' Patent
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The reason there is a patent on a bag to collect the semen is that genetically engineered pigs can produce useful proteins in their semen.(any gland that produces lots fo fluid will do) Specificly they can produce up to 300ml of semen, 3 times a week. Unlike transgenic modifications that produce proteins(like insulin) in milk of animals, male animals don't need to be "freshened"(have offspring to keep milk flowing), and they can produce semen all year round. A little "collection baggie" will make it easier(and much cleaner) to collect.

Here is an article about it in BBC news.

My own personal fear is that they will genetically engineer pigs with balls the size of grapefruits and 2 foot long schlongs to "facilitate collection". :-) I don't want to feel inferior to a pig.

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