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Re: Jorn's Mega Content Station

Author:Andrew Z
Posted:10/26/1999; 11:01:42 AM
Topic:Jorn's Mega Content Station
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I'll admit I am very neophyte on this subject but couldn't this be done relatively easily using current (or tomorrow's) technology? A tablet akin to Cyrix's web tablet with pen input. A centrally located broadcast/collection node and wireless technology synching the tablet to the base node. Essentially you have a wireless, portable "monitor" with touch input to open/use/close apps which are broadcast from the base node.

These sorts of web pads supported from a node that is little more than a broadcasting database would be handy, inexpensive clipboards for locations like light manufacturing and medical facilities. Imagine updated, paperless access to patient records with addiitonal functions like appointment reminders/schedulers, automated billing etc.

I really don't think it'd be that difficult using XML, wireless, and a minimal OS environment to tie it all together. I think they key is to not have it do everything (do you really need Photoshop or Avid for such things?), but rather be a means of mainpulating database oriented content and text based messaging systems.

Sorry for being offtopic and clueless.

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