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Re: XML-RPC over HTTP or Something Else?

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:10/26/1999; 12:23:46 PM
Topic:Response to Flutterby
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Yes yes and thank you, mostly for the respect and lack of derision.

Now, to the substance, XML-RPC is not going to get store and forward capabilities, at least as far as I know. That's been the major disconnect in this "discussion" so far, and due to people not asking questions before they jump to conclusions.

The trouble I was having had to do with an *implementation* of XML-RPC in the Frontier environment. It related to strategies for asynchronous messaging, having absolutely nothing to do with the protocol. If Flutterby's comments had been on a mail list they could have reasonably been interpreted as being off topic.

That said, I would be interested in exploring the transmission of XML-RPC over SMTP, sometime next millennium, after we ship Frontier 7.0.

And thanks again for the collegial approach. Much appreciated. No sarcasm.

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