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Re: TV & the First Amendment

Author:Jeremy Bowers
Posted:10/26/1999; 12:44:48 PM
Topic:TV & the First Amendment
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The 3VRS would do to open-air public speeches the same thing that 3V does to publically accessible Web pages.

You portable heckling box does not take place on top of the speech as Third Voice takes place right on top of (or better, in) the webpage. You're not in the speech, you're on the radio. It's not comparable.

The entire point is that Third Voice is exactly like grabbing the mike and inturrupting. You, the user, may ignore it, or not notice it, or not hear it due to some strange circumstances. So what? This isn't about the user, this is about the webmaster's rights, which get trampled on when people annotate the web page.

Third Voice and the webpage become inseperable, that's the entire point of annotation, isn't it?

(And when did "You can ignore it" become relevant? Are we to stop worrying about hate speech because the targets can ignore it? Justifing something because it can be ignored would be absurd in any other context.)

Or convince someone to set up a soap box for them. 3V provides its users with a soap box.

No. In their own words, they give you a way to post a note on a web page, which happens to be the webmasters soap box, not yours. I see no reason to not take them at their word. They have no right to take somebody else's soap box and give it to you, because it does not belong to them.

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