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Re: SalonHerringWiredFool.Com

Author:Jeremy Bowers
Posted:10/27/1999; 5:14:03 PM
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Sort of a three-in-one post here...


>The average consumer is going to think that SalonHerringWiredFool.Com is produced by those four companies in cooperation with each other.


Well, looking at the site through the eyes of an average consumer, who presumably knows what at least one of Salon* is, I see the logos of Salon, Red Herring, Wired, and the Motley Fool. I also see this Userland logo, in a very different place. Since I have no clue what Userland is (sorry Dave), I ignore it, and assume it was just the four companies getting together.

*shrug* Playing devil's advocate here. I like it and doubt it will be much of an issue. Perhaps "hosted by Userland", "provided by Userland", or similar verbiage is called for; I know what it is, just looking at it, but the general public, no disrespect intended, don't know why that Userland banner is there, or what it is doing.


It does seem to me, as a person who isn't a lawyer but has absorbed a lot of IP issues and laws in the past few months, that any of the four could force you to not use their names in the domain name, purely as a trademark issue, but as long as nobody complains, it basically becomes implied permission. And why should they complain? It would only signal that they weren't With It on the Internet, and these are some of the most With It companies around; Wired is almost built solely on being a With It company "qbullet.smiley"

I would not try this, personally, with Disney.

It's sorta of not a big deal anyhow; this naming scheme doesn't scale (am I sounding like the IETF, Dave?) and it's not going to be a Big Thing to do this sort of thing in the domain. (Remember folks, my words are right here, and these words sound eminently eatable to me...) When you add... errr... who's in this caliber... the feed, are we going to register SalonHerringWiredFoolValley? Who's going to do this? It's hard to remember!


One question: Why SHWF, and not FHWS, or HFWS, or ...? Any particular reason?

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