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Author:Paul Snively
Posted:10/28/1999; 12:39:22 AM
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Dru Oja Jay wrote:

The difference comes in the fact that can handle several million hits a day, not to mention transactions on that scale. The volume is the hard part, not the concept.

The volume isn't hard these days either, although it used to be, back in, say, 1995 or so.

The lessons learned since then:

1) You *cannot* get away with forking a new process on every connection.

2) You *cannot* get away with opening a new connection to the database on every connection.

3) Your database's working set had bloody well better fit in the available RAM of the database server.

Adhere to these lessons and you'll find there is no scalability problem on the web. The truly hard part, again, is maintenance: how to keep a site operational 24/7.

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