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Humor! What a concept.

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:10/28/1999; 4:01:04 AM
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Thanks Scott, I think you and a couple of others are the only ones who are having fun with this. I can't believe all the ridiculous hand-wringing on this from people who have little or no stake in the outcome.

You know guys, I started this DG with two ideas:

1. We needed a DG in our CMS and starting one seemed to be a good way to get it debugged.

2. I was tired of editing the Mail Pages and thought that some of the quality would show up here.

#1 is totally accomplished. This DG is no longer needed for that purpose. And #2, sadly, did not happen. If you want us to continue to operate this DG, stop and think before you post "bad news" here.

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