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Re: Too many editors

Author:Tucker Goodrich
Posted:10/28/1999; 9:13:10 AM
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I'm a long-time DaveNet and ScriptingNews reader. I, for one, was a bit disappointed when you went from the Today's Mail format to the DG.

From two purely selfish perspectives: 1) I come to this site for DW's view on the world. The DG makes getting that a more time-consuming process: I'm sifting instead of reading. 2) If I sent Dave a comment and it made it to Today's Mail, hey, that was a charge! I was psyched to see it up there. Of course, with the DG that thrill is gone... I can post whenever I want.

Don't get me wrong, the DG has a lot going for it, adds a lot of value, and has a lot of interesting conversations, but...

So consider this a qualified vote in favor of Today's Mail. I would miss the DG, but I'd get over it.

And I appreciate what you do here a lot. I hate to think that you don't enjoy doing it.

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