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Re: Too many editors

Author:David Carter-Tod
Posted:10/29/1999; 8:15:13 AM
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Do you know how much background work went into SHWF.COM? How much time goes into every DaveNet piece?

The short answer is "no". Most people have no idea of the work you do or the time you spend. It's a problem a lot of people have. I'll implement something phenomenally cool and useful on a web site that takes tons of time, and people will ask where the dancing coffee cups are. I'll implement a dancing coffee cup and people will ooh and ahh, saying I'm the best thing since sliced bread. It's very hard to know how much work someone's doing unless they tell you. I'll admit that when I saw SHWF.COM I figured you'd parlayed the same thing you'd done on the Scripting News homepage into that site and that it can't have taken very long at all.

Then I had to ask, why am I working so hard for them? What's in it for me?

Dave, you're changing the world!

Internet presence.

I like this forum because I learn something new every day, even if by accident.

The problem is that the forum looks like a public forum like many out there on the net, but it ain't. It's your space, but that isn't always clear to newcomers and outsiders.

But mindless stuff is annoying and sometimes gets in the way. I couldn't believe all the ridiculous posturing and theorizing over SalonHerringWiredFool.Com.

You did ask for comments ($12384):
Comments, questions, suggestions, and respectful rants are welcome.
but the ones you got obviously weren't what you were wanting. I think people saw your request as one asking for some theorizing about the implications of what you were doing. I'm guessing that you were more interested in thoughts about the technology.

The shit hit the fan for me when I read Jeremy Bowers' posting....[snip]... These people just like to post, they don't invest *any* time thinking.

I tried to find the posting you're referring to and I couldn't. That just means that I didn't read it in the same way you did. Generally, I've found Jeremy's postings thoughtful. He's a little obsessed with Third Voice and IP issues -- that ground really has been gone over enough now (but newcomers don't know that).

Respectfully ;-)


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