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Re: CORBA vs. COM/AppleEvents/XML-RPC...

Author:Paul Snively
Posted:10/29/1999; 8:56:04 AM
Topic:CORBA vs. COM/AppleEvents/XML-RPC...
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Dave Winer wrote:

You totally miss the point, with lots of words, and lots of links.

One of the things that I really like about myself is that, once I commit to a path, I really go far down it--even if it's the wrong path!

It's far more complex because it isn't deployed on Mac or Windows.

Ahhhhhh. I think where you said "complex," I would have said "accessible." You know, it's a sad thing in the Mac world: when we did AppleEvents we really did expect to see a proliferation of services on networks: faceless background apps performing some useful task. There's no reason someone couldn't make MICO, or some other ORB, such an app running on Macintosh and bridging AppleEvents and CORBA. But you're right--it didn't happen.

And that, dear Paul, is where the writers live.

Yup--with two Macs between my writer/illustrator/animator wife and myself, I know it's true. And with XML-RPC support showing up in everything from Dreamweaver to Zope, I only see the situation improving. Clearly, XML-RPC fulfills a broad category of needs.

Incidentally, Philip Greenspun declined to add XML-RPC support to Uptime. Personally, given the TCL version of XML-RPC, I like the idea of adding support for it to ArsDigita Community System sites; I think it makes sense for exactly the same reasons it made sense for Zope to support it.

Thanks for the feedback!

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