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Re: CORBA vs. COM/AppleEvents/XML-RPC...

Author:Paul Snively
Posted:10/29/1999; 10:16:47 AM
Topic:CORBA vs. COM/AppleEvents/XML-RPC...
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Dave Winer wrote:

Why did Greenspun decline? I didn't even know he was considering. People should tell me these things! I can always pick up the phone and cajole, arm-twist, bait, over-commit, and even threaten. It would have been great to get him playing, he's a great writer and teacher, and clearly a courageous man.

I had passed the idea along after discussing it with one of the ArsDigita folks in Pasadena. I knew it would seem questionable, because Philip has a deep and abiding distrust of "middleware," and those of us who have spent a lot of time around big middleware can understand why. You can certainly discuss it with him yourself; he can be reached at

I'll ask him if I can forward his replies to my e-mails, if it seems like the context would help.

I tend to think that "web services," as Philip calls them, should have programmatic interfaces as well as human interfaces. We all know that you can hack such interfaces by HTTP GET-ting a page, regex'ing what you need from it, and possibly HTTP POST-ing back, but that stuff tends to be performance-poor and fragile at site redesign time. To the extent that it sometimes makes sense to build a web service by composing other, existing web services, I think it makes sense to provide XML-RPC interfaces.

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